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  1. I have uploaded some flat gaps on youtube of me, not that bigger gap now but it was a few weeks ago! Biff
  2. Just wondering who went sheff today was a really good ride and good turnout, i know alot of us had to split from the crowd etc but thats because the police we're swarming. What did you all think to the ride? unfortunatly Phils bike got stolen when it was outside Greggs, but he managed to get it back the bastards threatened him with a knife etc but bribed it back with money! F**KERS! we went looking for them but no look! it all got reported to the police. What did you all think to the ride? Should definetly arrange another! Biff
  3. clearly me
  4. You should all join a Gym and Squat!
  5. NO ONE IS HARD lol absolutly nothing makes anybody hard especially for riding a bike.
  6. I think threatening Gaz isnt the best idea, posting threats certanly isnt. Im sure you will get your stuff in due time, Gaz is a good lad and a good friend of mine! You can't even spell his name right so how do you know you spelt the address right? Gaz Meredith*. Biff
  7. Hi Ashley, really glad you posted this, as im wanting to start YMSA this year. I have the form ready but it asks for a YMSA license number? do i just bring the form with me on the day followed by Membership fee? and when i get my license i just write it down and will this entitle me to enter comps throughout the year etc, or is there a fee everytime i want to enter the comp even with membership. Also are riding specific riding shoes required, or can we just where our normal shoes lol.
  8. Soundsssss
  9. you should drink peas

  10. Im sure Craig really doesn't give a damn.
  11. ok can delete now.
  12. Ok i uploading Damons vid onto TVI (Deonns account) and on the white box, says damons vid is there amongst the 2 other clips of Deonn, but when you go onto the filebrowser nothings there? does this mean its updating or has it uploaded wrong? says its done it when it was uploading!!!
  13. spacemunkee