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  1. 10. Haz
  2. Take the F4R out of this and put it in the lupo?
  3. Let me know how that goes as mine are awful and having to do them every two months these days. So bad they were an MOT advisory earlier this month.
  4. Oh! And can't forget the Hydraulic Press Channel!
  5. I watch quite a lot of youtube channels these days - more than I watch real TV these days, mostly mountain biking or car related Mountain biking - GMBN, Ali C, Singletrack Sampler, Will Greenfield Car stuff - BOM, MCM, EVO, Petrolicious, Speed Academy, Engineering Explained
  6. £100?
  7. Wheels have been refurb'd and they are STUNNING. Not on the car yet, as I want to add the original Speedline decals before I coat them and spray the Renault centre caps black as per the other badges. Also bought some new bits to polish the headlights as they've gone yellow again. There's a serious risk my car might not look like a shed at this rate!
  8. Make a set for me and I'll send you some deniros!
  9. That is a classic lotus paint job, in fairness!
  10. OMP Trecento or something. I'm sure there's one out there, but i guess it's not really that ideal to have 30mm of bolt between the steering wheel and the boss...
  11. That sucks, won't work with my wheel as it's only 6x70PCD, no 6x74PCD They're Trophy Turinis. Could be a plan, but I can't work out where the leak is!
  12. Car looks mega dude! Out of interest, what spacer are you using on your steering wheel? I'd like one similar to that...
  13. I have a dilemma... I had had a niggling flat tyre for months, but the tyres were nearly dead so I didn't bother doing anything with it, until a few weeks back when I had the tyres replaced. It seems as though the tyre is losing air, and based on the condition of the rim, it's pretty severely corroded, and there's potentially a buckle (wheel wobble, despite geo being ok and tyres balanced) or a crack. I got a quote for a refurb on all 4 wheels today, as they are all a little old & road rashed, best case £340 for the basic refurb on all four, but depending if the wheel need straightening and welding, it could be up to £480! I will be getting a quote from the company who did my last set on Monday as well. So my dilemma is this, do I get them, refurbed, and hope it's cheap, or do I bite the bullet and buy all new wheels, and flog the old ones? I won't be buying second hand wheels again, as I've had bad luck ever time, so they will be new-new. I'm not in the mood for spending this money as I'm currently looking at buying a house, so ultimately cost will be the main factor. Also - anyone know where I can get 16"x7" 4x100 rims at a decent price?
  14. I am in a good mood because I have four new Michelin Pilot Sport 3s fitted to my french shitheap, and they are lovely.
  15. Thread on CS is livening up!