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  1. Surprised this hasn't been posted yet, has some really creative riding and I quite liked the way it was shot. A bit cheesy here and there, in a good way.
  2. They never figured out what's wrong, but I get muscle fatigue super quickly. I can use a mouse on the computer for 15min and after that my arm is just seized up. It got a lot better after taking vitamin/mineral supplements and cutting a lot of sugar from my diet over the last few years. But I still cannot use a mouse When I warm up properly I can ride decently, but I have to be careful not to stretch too far or I get the same problem, mostly with my shoulders. So I just end up doing stuff I can do with relatively ease. I do have to pull my hands from the handlebars whenever I want to let go, they tend to get stuck in a claw kind of grip The surgery is unrelated though. They actually messed up the anesthesia and had to cancel the surgery, ruining all plans I had made 6 months ago. Hurray for dutch doctors.
  3. 19 shows per week?! That's insane haha. It's a bit sad that this forum doesn't seem as supportive for non-uk riders, but I think it's great you're giving the sport a spotlight in this kind of environment.
  4. @Dman Got that line pretty smooth in the end! Some more chill riding. This will be my last ride for the next coming 2 months since I'm due for surgery thursdsay
  5. @Paperclip Those bunnyhops and frenchies are silky smooth. Really a pleasure to look at. I went out for a little ride in Rotterdam today. I'm a bit embarrassed for how small everything is, but I enjoy staying inside my comfort zone for now.
  6. Thanks! I'm not gonna push myself too hard anymore so I'm exploring other ways to challenge myself. Gotta get those manuals more dialed
  7. After 4 years of struggling with health stuff I'm back on a bike. I lost 10cm on everything and everything scares me but at least I'm riding again
  8. This seems to be the manual spot on this bike, on the bmx I did have way better manual posture which was quite far back, with the front wheel a lot closer to the ground. I'll try leaning back further on my next ride but last time I tried it wasn't very stable.
  9. Yeah it's incredibly twitchy haha, way less stable than on a bmx. I can't really say I can manual consistently yet, but it's getting there. I am just backwheeling without a brake yeah, whenever I see videos of other people doing it it seems to be just that But I'll try pumping a bit more, that does make sense. After years of attempting manuals I learned that my main mistake was not applying pressure on the pedals, so that might be the key here as well. Thanks!
  10. If I try to bunnyhop unto anything higher than a curb my weight is too far back and I end up on my ass (seen halfway in this video)
  11. I'm making some progress on manuals, but the manual spot is so damn awkward that I really don't know how to do a bunnyhop manual onto anything higher than a curb. You can see my manual spot is quite awkwardly upright, I'm guessing because the frame is on the long side. Or perhaps my technique is just wrong and In need to lean backwards more?
  12. Great! I've ordered the adapter a few days ago I have a mod though, I always think 180mm disc on a mod looks kind of silly, but oh well
  13. Ah well. But thanks for the answers, was totally clueless on this !
  14. Ahh that's what I feared But a 180mm disc will work? I saw the 180mm adapter should have a lot more clearance. Though the power might be kinda overkill. I just don't wanna lay down double the price for the other disc brakes out there
  15. Try airbnb, some people have some shared apartments that are dirt cheap.