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  1. Yeah, life events sort of changed my priorities I guess. Got a baby due in June, so will be interesting to see how much bike time I manage to get in a few weeks! Will try and get to a comp at some point - be good to see everyone again. Bless you - good times!
  2. Saw an article about Martyn and Martin in a copy of my brother's MBUK and thought it looked cool, then saw some local lads riding street in my hometown. First started trying to do tricks on a 20" frame rigid XC bike, then gradually built up a 14" GT Tequesta as I could afford to swap out parts for proper trialsy ones, riding a mix of trials, jumps and 'tricks', then upgraded to a 'proper' trials bike. Was just riding street and natural round where I lived with friends, doing silly bits and bobs, learning moves from MBUK tutorials and the like. Did my first comp in 2002/2003ish, a YMSA at Knabb Quarry and had a mega time. Did a few more of those, then started riding Tykes and nationals. Got involved in the Tykes committee after a couple of years, then started helping out with the organisation of the nationals. Ended up doing more organising/observing than riding at comps and trials friends in Sheffield moved away or stopped riding, so I was riding less and less. In 2014 I started training to be a teacher and just didn't have the time to be dedicating to organising and travelling to comps, travelling round for rides or the inclination to keep riding on my own at home, so ended up selling my trials bikes. Some friends started mountainbiking, so I bought a second hand MTB and have been doing that for about four years now. I still follow what's going on, but can't see myself getting back into riding now. I occasionally think about heading to a nearby comp to catch up with people and have a watch, but so far have been busy whenever they've been on.
  3. I have a copy gathering dust on a shelf that I'd be happy to send your way if you PM me your address.
  4. Same deal as Ard Rock, I think - it's the same organisers.
  5. Is anyone doing Ard Moors this weekend? I'll be there with a few pals - silver Airdrop bike, white & grey Fox full face lid - be cool to say hi if anyone's there.
  6. @Davetrials How did you get on?
  7. I've not signed up to Ard Rock, but am doing the Ard Moors a couple of weeks later. Really looking forward to it! A few friends did the shorter Ard Moors last year and loved it. They said it wasn't too hard on the legs and were raving about all the stages they rode. Their tips: take more water than you think you need, take it steady on the liaisons and get plenty of base miles on the bike before you go. Have fun - let us know how it goes!
  8. I quite want to know who you watched it with now... Also, guys, it turns out we’re all really bad at riding bikes... I realise this loses its impact a little when I can’t temember how to embed a video...
  9. Awesome - that's summer holidays for me, so plenty of time for fun stuff!
  10. Definitely! Yep, still in Sheffield - drop me a line next time you’re back over.
  11. I flipping love this bike. Airdrop Edit V2 Pro with a few tweaks to the original spec (rims, tyres, pedals, chain guide).
  12. That was fun. Reminded me how much of a flipping tune Rasputin is as well. Good vibes.
  13. Just realised I'm waaaaay late with those recommendations. Sorry!
  14. Balls, I totally forgot about this. Dave has covered much of what is have out in my list anyway so not so bad. If you do go to the Padley Gorge/Hathersage area, I recommend The Chequers on Froggatt Edge/A625. The Bull's Head in Castleton is good after a Man Tor walk as well. Make sure you check out the old A625 on Man Tor as well - it's an old road that has been broken by successive landslides. Great for photos and MTB/trials.
  15. When are you going, Mike? I'll put together a list of decent Peaks pubs, places and walks at some point soon, but not got time at the moment. Dan's right though - it's ace!