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  1. Great riding and an amazing track, but for some reason I didn’t get that into it. Felt a bit ‘Red Bull by numbers’, if you know what I mean?
  2. I had one of those heap o crap Maxles on my old bike and swapped it out for a Stealth Maxle for very similar reasons. Never had any issues with the Stealth whatsoever and, like you say, always have an allen key to hand out on rides.
  3. Ha. I’m all good cheers mate. Years of not posting about trials, then a thread about houses comes up and here I am we old now.
  4. A friend of mine and his mrs are self-employed and just bought a place. Their mortgage is with Halifax, so maybe worth looking at them? He said their mortgage adviser was absolutely mint and worked really hard to find them a decent loan, so let me know if you’d like me to send you their details.
  5. You’re marrying a tree? Weird, but OK. Congrats man, I’m happy for you!
  6. ‘Have to’ Sounds awesome man, hope it works out for you.
  7. That was fascinating. Felt like I was right there with them. The woman that droooed off backwards at the end just looked like she was shrinking for a while
  8. Thanks Dave. That’s the way I’m leaving, so good to hear you’ve gone the same way. I might see if Leisure Lakes would swap them out without charging me when they build it (long shot), but if not I definitely agree that doing it from new is the best idea.
  9. I’m umming and ahing about crank length and hoping some good old TF wisdom will help me make a decision. New bike coming (29”) has 175mm cranks, but my previous one (27.5”) had 170mm. I seem to have a naturally faster, more ‘spinny’ cadence, but quite long legs (34” inseam). A lot of the trails I ride are quite rocky, so ground clearance is a consideration as well. I’m wondering whether to stick with the 175s, or replace with 170s. Any thoughts?
  10. Lol, I get this with students now all the time since we're sending work home while school is closed. "Sir, I don't get it." *explain it to them in exactly the same way as I did in my original email* "Thanks, I get it now."
  11. Due to a shoulder operation I will be having in May, meaning I won't be able to ride until October, I am reluctantly selling my 2018 Airdrop Edit V2 complete bike. It is in great condition, with only cosmetic scratches/wear from normal use - see pictures. The chainring and chain are ready to be replaced, new ones purchased but not fitted - included in sale. Also included is a spare derailleur hanger. It's a great bike and has served me well for all sorts of riding - from the peak district to bike parks, it does it all. Climbs and descends really well. £1600 or reasonable offer, buyer pays postage. Frame: Edit v2 Frame Large RawRear Shock: Rock Shox Monarch Plus RC3 200x57Forks: RockShox Pike RC 2018 160mm, Boost, BlackHeadset: Cane CreekSeatpost: Rockshox Reverb Stealth 1X 170mm DropShifter: Sram GX Eagle 12spdRear Derailleur: Sram GX Eagle 12spdCassette: Sram GX Eagle 12spd 10-50TCranks: Sram GX Eagle 12spd 170mm, 32TBottom Bracket: Sram GXP StainlessChain Device: MRP top guideBrakes: Sram Guide R, Centerline 180mmWheel Front: Hopetech Pro 4 Enduro 35W 15x110Wheel Rear: Hopetech Pro 4 Enduro 35WFreehub: Hopetech XDTyre Front: Vittoria Mota G+ TNT folding 2.35 tubelessTyre Rear: Vittoria Martello G2.0 TNT 2.35 tubelessStem: Joystick Binary 35mm / 31.8mmHandlebar: Burgtec Ridewide DH 800mm, 31.8 clamp, 30mm riseGrips: DMR DeathGripSaddle: WTB VoltPedals: Burgtec Penthouse MK4Spares: new chainring, chain and spare derailleur hanger
  12. Yeah, life events sort of changed my priorities I guess. Got a baby due in June, so will be interesting to see how much bike time I manage to get in a few weeks! Will try and get to a comp at some point - be good to see everyone again. Bless you - good times!
  13. Saw an article about Martyn and Martin in a copy of my brother's MBUK and thought it looked cool, then saw some local lads riding street in my hometown. First started trying to do tricks on a 20" frame rigid XC bike, then gradually built up a 14" GT Tequesta as I could afford to swap out parts for proper trialsy ones, riding a mix of trials, jumps and 'tricks', then upgraded to a 'proper' trials bike. Was just riding street and natural round where I lived with friends, doing silly bits and bobs, learning moves from MBUK tutorials and the like. Did my first comp in 2002/2003ish, a YMSA at Knabb Quarry and had a mega time. Did a few more of those, then started riding Tykes and nationals. Got involved in the Tykes committee after a couple of years, then started helping out with the organisation of the nationals. Ended up doing more organising/observing than riding at comps and trials friends in Sheffield moved away or stopped riding, so I was riding less and less. In 2014 I started training to be a teacher and just didn't have the time to be dedicating to organising and travelling to comps, travelling round for rides or the inclination to keep riding on my own at home, so ended up selling my trials bikes. Some friends started mountainbiking, so I bought a second hand MTB and have been doing that for about four years now. I still follow what's going on, but can't see myself getting back into riding now. I occasionally think about heading to a nearby comp to catch up with people and have a watch, but so far have been busy whenever they've been on.
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