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  1. Kick a ball with my right foot. Catch a ball with my right hand. Ride a bike left foot forward...can't do right for shit. And sidehop to my right when going for height, left when going for distance... Pretty sure that makes me a tad weird, but hey. What about spin direction? I always tend to spin the bars to the right...I reckon that has more to do with which foot is forwards.
  2. Definitely the hoses where they go into the slave cylinders, broke more than I care to mention. So much so that fixing both that and punctures became one of those things that I could do subconsciously. One of the reasons I quit using maggies. V's
  3. Just make sure you don't get one of the old TA26s with the 4 mile long chainstays...
  4. Nope, never ridden Warwick.
  5. I actually own two 100% Deng-free bikes Seriously. But then again I'm oldschool
  6. Quite a few people ride brum. A few years ago I lived JUST inside Warwickshire (postcode was still B94 though). I think that's about the closest you'll get
  7. My sentiments exactly. I've had many maggies AND vees over the years, and keep coming back to V's. Less to worry about, and IMO just as powerful if not moreso as long as you take the time to set em up right first time around. Take with a pinch of salt any advice from anyone who tells you that V's are crap, but don't have a bike with a set of V's on. Likely they've either a) never ridden a set or have only ridden a badly setup V. Heatsink reds on a smooth rim unless you ride in the wet I'm still on the same set I was a year ago with barely noticeable wear (smooth rim though). Oh and if you get SD7 arms, make sure you get two sets of FRONT cantis only, the rear ones flex a bit and for some reason don't spring back as well. EDIT: and on the subject of cables, XT are more than good enough. Had a set on for a year, no noticeable stretch, no signs of fraying or anything else horrible. Just make sure your noodle isn't bent or buggered in any way and has plenty of grease in.
  8. That ain't no CNC, lads. Edges ain't sharp enough. Looks cheap. Looks like there ain't gonna be much advantage (bar the slightly smaller size) over maggies. Looks like someone's either gonna get their ass sued or fork out a fortune to Magura for the license to make 'em. Looks cack IMO. Plus, where are the cables?!? Now when someone invents radio-controlled/bluetooth/infra-red/whatever braking, THEN I'll be interested Cables? Hoses? Sod that... 'Course then someone could hack your brakes mid-drop. Bad news.
  9. Having had a pair of ali bolts cease inside a steel monty BB shaft, I can confirm that ali going into steel or vice versa is a bad idea Oh and that was anodised ali as well btw, although some of the anodising had worn away. Either way it cost me a BB. Steel crank bolts, not an issue, despite the cranks themselves being ali...I think there's more to it than meets the eye. More complicated than just two metals touching causing one or both to corrode.
  10. IMO most rim/brake setups do this a *tiny* amount, only seems to be noticeable with a decent set of V's that you know really well. Is it so bad that it's causing problems or just enough to annoy you but not affect performance? Like someone else suggested, check for flatspots and bends on the rim. Or any other sort of deformity of the rim that affects the width between the two sidewalls, because that's pretty much the only thing that can cause that feel at the lever. Unless it's happening randomly - if you can feel the lever move once every wheel rotation while doing e.g. a stoppie then it's gonna be a buggered rim, but if it's random, I ain't got a clue.
  11. To quote the inimitable Rob Warner: "If you're gonna do something, do it. Worry about it afterwards." About the only bit of advice you should EVER take from that man. It's true - if I spend ages analysing whether I can do something or not, I won't do it. If I just roll up without really looking at it, it's not really a problem. A brief glance is all that should be done... About the only thing that will stop me doing something is if I know it's way out of my limits, or if there's a 90mph gale blowing. Or if I've recently stacked it on said move. For some reason that really f**ks my confidence up, which just destroys any chance of you making a move. Same move, different wall or whatever, not a problem though for some strange reason. As for excuses, there's thousands of great ones. "It's the wrong day of the week", "my dog's just died", "some dude 300 yards down the road was looking at me", "I've got a pair of El Gatos on" etc. Actually, the last one IS viable.
  12. The Superleggero Bearing Balls make it for me... "what colours do they come in?" lol
  13. Having worn out a hell of a lot of chains, most of my old ones aren't really stretched...more worn. I've split a few of the REALLY ancient ones and you can see where the inner plates have dug a groove into the pin, which in my estimation is gonna have a bigger impact than the actual (by comparison negligible) stretch of the plates themselves. Maybe I'm talking bollocks, but I've seen that first hand (admittedly said chains were utter donkey poo to start with, but hey...)
  14. Fiddle with the bar angle to start with (a few degrees makes a huge difference), then spacers, then worry about different bars.
  15. Still got mine. Admittedly this particular copy came free with an old MBUK, but I still remember when it came out. Another one: when EVERYONE had cage pedals because V8's hadn't been invented/hadn't taken off yet. For some reason Triple Traps were the 'in' thing even though they were about as grippy as an eel in a teflon bath and weighed about the same as a rhino with an obesity issue. I've still got a pair of Wellgo caged pedals that absolutely destroyed my shins - the bone of my shins is actually like the himalayas now, whereas it was pretty smooth before I got them. The cage of one of them got developed into a home made chain device for my 32T ring though...
  16. I think there's variations on the URL that is sent, but yeah I've seen that one recently. Just a note, if you get it, change your screen name to something like "DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, IT'S A VIRUS" or something just to warn others. A mate had it and that's what he did until he sorted it out. Either that or just don't go on MSN til it's sorted
  17. It woulda been about 98/99 I think. Or at least that's about the time when I bought it. One more from back in the day: bike chain wallets
  18. Ooo....I might hold on out on buying a Zoot and see if they put vee mounts on that this year. IMO V's on complete bikes is a good long as they're good vees. Which looks like it may not be the case. I can't really tell from the pics, but they look like unbranded cack from here. Probably with poo pads. Which would be pretty unforgiveable on a highish spec mod. Mod with high spec and decent V's & pads = the win. With a proper seat. /oldschool Go on, flame away I'm too stubborn to change...Sd7's and heatsinks all the way baby...
  19. There's nothing that can't be done with PVC tape.
  20. When no-one knew what a mod was, much less who the hell megamo or monty were. When the only trials riders anyone could name were the Marti/yns and Hans Rey DX V-Brakes for those who couldn't afford Tomac maggys The eternal IRC vs Tioga debate Sofa saddles Heavy Tools trials frames When having a light frame was a bad thing - it would break. Sidehop drops When everyone would ride trials in the morning and then go down the jumps in the afternoon. On the same bike. For any ex-Solihull people: Jeanster Bench and the Memorial "Rock walks" Ball burnished Zaskars with every colour of anodised component you could get Alivio cantis with Koolstop reds on 'em Pace forks being the dog's gonads Crud Catchers, regardless of whether you needed one or not Getting my copy of Chainspotting signed by the Martins, Hans Rey, and Steve Peat (I think...coulda been Rob Warner) at Bike '98 Rob Warner Andrew Titley Jez Avery Everyone quoting Chainspotting at every opportunity The word 'Phat' Wellgo V8 copies (I own a pair of V12 copies still) Wondering where the hell I was gonna get a replacement tyre for the back of my X-Lite when it started wearing down And for all who mentioned 32T bashrings, Gings, IRC tyres, yellow Wellgos and Sun Rhyno Lites, here's something special for you. My old pride and joy: Now THIS is a pair of shades: And the world's most abused X-Lite (my pride and lack of joy every time it broke), complete with absolutely monstrous BMX chain that weighed about 2Kg:
  21. Muc-off. Also does wonders for rim brakes of any description. Buy ear defenders if you plan to use it.
  22. *longs for the days when a few dots of ink that formed the word 'trials' was enough reason for a massive MBUK buying spree* Jeez man, take an aspirin and be grateful trials even gets mentioned these days.
  23. Got 165s on my Base. I think it depends on your gear ratio as to how f**ked up they feel. Generally speaking I think you're better off with longer ones on a stock because you've got more leverage then, whereas with 165s you've got to stamp on the pedals a bit more (not a lot, but it might make a difference to you). If, however, you've got a spinny ratio and find yourself riding longish distances on your stock, then go 165s, it makes long missions easier on the legs
  24. 2.5" Sticky Fingers on a Ronnie with maggys is the absolute max for mine (which is an old TA26). If you've got V's, anything wider than a Rhyno Lite ain't gonna happen.
  25. Sounds like my mate's old bike. Those were the days...