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  1. Try washers and the tape. A little off topic but hopefully Tarty can provide an answer -When will the new 2011 HS33s and HS11s be in stock and for sale in the UK? Seems other countries are getting them already?
  2. 06 Pythons were fragile if you rode them too hard. It was a small design fault rather than 'unlucky manufacturing error'. They always cracked at the same spot. 09s are fragile too because they are made of 6061 and overall isn't too great a design. My mate cracked the bashplate mount weld on the downtube and cracked the inbuilt booster too. But pretty much every frame will crack at the brake mounts if u dont run a booster
  3. So after searching around, it seems there is one major difference between the RK and DK: RK- steel bead DK- folding kevlar bead. at least according to the Tartybikes description. So how different does this make the tyres feel to ride on? Unless , is it possible to get both in either steel or kevlar bead?
  4. Has anyone had the luxury of using both the DK and RK? Also, what's the wear-rate like of these tyres compared to say Maxxis 42a supertacky compound?
  5. Time for me to get a new tyre and I'm stuck between the two. Both are awesome from what I've heard but like apples and oranges there is a difference. So which tyre feels better for natural? What about general urban terrain? Wet obstacles? I'm guessing the only real difference between the DK and RK is the tread pattern right? Suggestions and recommendations? Thanks
  6. Lol, yeah But then again, you're paying for something that's 100% made in the USA in-house with top quality Japanese bearings. I don't think there are many other brands in BMX and certainly not trials that can boast that. Plus it looks super nice. TAIWAN-made stuff can be super good, but in the case of Profile you're paying for something that isn't mass-produced by work monkeys for dirt.
  7. I know everyone loves advocating Trialtech since it is a UK rider owned brand that's got personal connections with Tarty.... but is it really that much better than all the other BBs? I still think the FIRST Isis BB may be better and stronger by design. It definitely looks cleaner too... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9fkTeKKzJD8&feature=player_embedded ^basically the Echo TR BB But maybe ill get a trialtech one day if im bored
  8. How big was the first batch Tarty got? Any news on when the 2nd batch might be released? seems these tires are gonna be pretty popular by the soundsof it. Partially cos my current Maxxis is wearing slow and i fancy a 'Trial Queen' logo too
  9. 75 quid.
  10. .,

    Looks crap.
  11. DX32s were the shit back in their heyday several years back. The quality of the build by Alex is better than Jetset's rims (Koxx, Onza, Viz etc.)
  12. The 07 Typhoon off Tribalzine? Yeah I just bought it, sweet !
  13. http://observedtrials.net/vb/showthread.php?t=11138 ^as covered in this old topic from 2005. Some of you older riders may know what i'm on about. it was a polished T-rex like frame by Tartybikes through Onza. I wonder what happened to it? Who has it now? Any pics of it anywhere? I liked that frame! Cheers
  14. save yourself the effort and save over 200g by replacing both tubes with ultra light ones.