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    - Frame: Because Trials - Forks: Echo control - Front brake: BB7 with FLAWLESS 180mm rotor - Front hub: Hope xc - Rear hub: Hope pro 2 trials 07 - Head set: FLAWLESS Pro Sealed - Crank: Middleburn rs7 - Brake Booster: FLAWLESS 2-Bolt - Brake pads: plazmatics - Front rim: rhyno lite - Back rim: Y.M.I.A.B - Chain tensioners: FLAWLESS notched and smooth snail cams - Stem: Hope - Grips: FLAWLESS foam with FLAWLESS Bar ends - Handlebars: Azonic - Bottom bracket: Echo Internal ISIS
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  1. Photos from the Flawless Bikes Demo at Netley Marsh Steam and Craft show. A big thank you to everyone who turned up to ride, it was an awesome day.
  2. As most people have said above height isn't really an issue with wether you should ride 20",24" or 26". With the right bar and stem combo a 20" can feel much roomier than you thought it could. So it's really down to what type of riding style you have and what your comfortable with. I would say stick with the 20".
  3. As long as you are able to get the axel bolts tight the only other thing you might want to try is a snail cam with a more aggressive notch on them. Adding notches with a grinder will not offer much more grip then standard smooth cams. Check out our notched snail cams, there is no way they will slip. The notches have been designed to wrap around the cam bolt.
  4. Feeling super excited about launching Flawless Scooters this week! -

  5. Flawless have been releasing new products every week for the last few months. Now that we have announced them all on our Facebook page, we thought we would share our full range here. As we would love to here what you guys think of our products. Product: Flawless Pro Threadless Headset Weight: 90g Finish: Anodised with laser etched logo Material: 6061-T6 aluminium with fully sealed bearings Product: 2 Bolt Brake Booster with sloped bolt holes to reduce brake flex even further when compared to horizontal designs. Stainless steel construction means the booster and therefore the brake are far stiffer then with equivalent thickness carbon fibre or aluminium boosters Weight: 75g (100g with bolts and spacers) Finish: Polished Material: Laser cut stainless steel Product: 10mm Notched Snail Cam Weight: Steel - 18g, Alloy - 7g Finish: Raw Material: Laser cut stainless steel Product: Full Ring Bash Guard. Has a 90mm diameter so that it will still protect your chain even if you running a super thick one. Comes with an aluminium free wheel spacer. Weight: 70g Finish: Polished Material: 90mm diameter laser cut stainless steel Product: 180mm Disc Brake Rotor 6-bolt ISO, comes will 6 hex key headed bolts. Weight: 140g Finish: Polished Material: 2mm thick laser cut stainless steel Product: Flawless Rim Brake Bleed Kit Weight: 40g Finish: Sticker will website on the syringe Material: M6 barb fitting, pvc hose and large 60ml syringe Product: 10mm and 12mm Smooth Snail Cam Weight: Steel - 18g, Alloy - 7g Finish: Raw Material: Laser cut stainless steel Product: Carbon Fibre Headset Spacers Weight: N/A Finish: Laminated carbon fibre weave Material: Carbon fibre. Sizes avalible 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm and 20mm Product: Flawless T-Shirt Weight: N/A Finish: White with black and green logo Material: Soft style, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton. There you have it, sorry for some of the photos being quite bad quality but a camera upgrade is badly needed. Also just encase you are wondering this post has been updated from the competition give away of the brake booster. We would like to congratulate Jack Gray who was the winner of that Flawless 2-bolt brake booster.
  6. Nicely done George. Your side hops are getting massive!
  7. Some good riding there, love the ending. Oscar for sure!
  8. Good work on the rail gap, your braver then I am!
  9. To celebrate our new laser cut bash guard now being available to purchase at retailers, we have decided to give one away! To enter the competition all you have to do is guess the total combined weight of ALL the bash guards and washers in the photo below. Head over to our Facebook Page, like us and write your answer to the nearest gram in the competition thread. We will pick a winner at random from all the correct entries at 12:00 GMT on Monday 24th of June . In the event that no one guesses correctly, closest answer wins!
  10. I dont know, we did have a random shot of some playing cards, no bike in that one. However I have to admit, should have abused some pedestrians! Next time.
  11. After seeing the incredibly useful and insightful thread about how to make a street video, me and my mate decided to take on board all the advice and film our own "STREET" video. Check it out
  12. After seeing this incredibly useful and insightful thread, me and my mate decided to take on board all the advice and film a "STREET" video. Check it out
  13. Will be good when the other Tartydays video is up, but its really funny seeing videos we shot in 2005... plus probably has some of the only footage every of a 2005 Onza T-Comp in one piece!
  14. You ride? I thought you rode even less then we do dave and me n chris haven't rode for about 6 months