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  1. Hey all. Until very recently, it had been a long time since I rode trials - and even longer since I posted in here. I managed to get a few friends together to start riding again and naturally the photography hobby kind of came with the riding. Check out my first trials edit in what must be around 12 years. I'm older, (much) fatter, less flexible and with less bottle and I had more fun making this one than any of my older videos. During the process of filming this, I've felt stronger and braver every ride and hope to progress again. Anyway here it is. and thanks for watching. Link to Youtube Alan. Edit - embed doesn't work... sorry about that.
  2. FS. Yes. Blonde moment. Feel an idiot now cheers
  3. Now then folks. To cut a long story short, I've done some hub swap arounds on my bike collection, and my dirt jumper has ended up with a because screw on disc. I have an old tensile 60 click on my desk and would ideally like to weld up the lock ring and stick it on the dirt jumper. Now the removal splines on the tensile prevent me from putting this onto the dirt jumper to allow the ratchet to work the right way. What I want to know before I waste any time stripping it is: Can you reverse the pawls in these freewheels so i can run the outer ring backwards? It would save me having to look for a white industries mtb fw and will sound almost as sweet as the pro2 I've just removed from it. The only other option I have is to grind off the removal splines very carefully and do it that way but i'd rather not have to attack it. Cheers!
  4. To what extent do you think you'd be able to argue that this bike in fact has a seat? Also what's stopping you jubilee clipping a racing saddle onto your bike or something like that?
  5. Fs. I want my foot to be better NOW so I can try this ish.
  6. So I've busted my ankle whilst riding moto trials. Don't think I'll be able to set anything for a while. . Someone should just either beat the previous set or get as close to my set as they can?
  7. Shall i set something else? It's been stuck on my one for a while
  8. Pump your tyre up silly hard and find a nice smooth surface and give it the beans! Also don't get scared of the feeling that you're about to fly off the back just stick it and you'll come back down
  9. Yo. Since starting up trials again i've gone for the sharp grind and no tar method (I used to be more of a smooth rim and tar person back in the day). Got a puncture and after fixing it all up the rear brake is complete gash. Now i know exactly why this is, bits of rubber off the tyre yadda yadda yadda. What I don't know is the best way to rectify the problem and have a savage rear brake again. I've tried: Brake cleaner and a clean cloth and cleaned the rim and pads off De greaser Water The brake is still pants and it's driving me insane Help!
  10. Hmm, sounds like something to do with what holes you've put the spokes in the hub. To me it sounds like you need to de-lace one side and move each spoke around 1 hole on the hub flange so the spokes that are pushing through from the outside should be from the inside and vice versa. On some hubs there's a minute difference. Trying to go from memory it's been such a long time since I laced a wheel up.
  11. Having feedback was an excellent idea although not everyone could be bothered to use it. It is always nice to know from other people who have had dealings with the person you're about to buy from/sell to and can review things like speed of payment/delivery and condition of items arrived, communication etc etc.
  12. If the 2.5 TD motor in the L200 is the same as in the old pajero/shogun the head gasket is a common fault on them, before i got my discovery I was looking at these and was told to steer clear of the diesels by loads of people.
  13. Balls. So it was. Fixed now cheers!
  14. Ta da . Rear wheel 360 one of my all time favorite show off moves.
  15. Thanks, I did get a few more clips while out but unfortunately corrupted. I have something in mind I'll have a go at for you tomorrow hopefully!