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  1. Im not entering the comp, but i live here so ill be around for a ride after the racings finished
  2. ill be around all weekend i think, so could meet up for a bit if anyone is up this way, the six day trial is on aswell so will no doubt be out watching that aswell
  3. at the nevis range theres some rocks scattered around aswel as old log sections from last years wolrd cup, i quite often head up and ride them. is it this weekend ur heading up?
  4. ive only ever had 04s, my last one had an rb lever which was the best brake i ever had. but i got rid of it when i sold my last bike and ive been kicking myself for it ever since. does nobody make aftermarket levers for pre 04s anymore?
  5. ive still got an el gato on my girlfriends trials bike, they were good back in the day. i remember always wanting the hope mono front hub straight laced to an xc717 rim for the front, like the martins used to use, looked amazing and i finally got one and trashed it in two weeks
  6. i moved up to fort william in october from dunoon, but havent ridden much yet due to working lots and rubbish weather. will need to get out and meet some people aswel if possible?
  7. You can definatley run a 20tooth chainring on middleburns as i used to use this although i am not sure about an 18 tooth chainring, i do know however that you can get a smaller bashring but im not sure on the chainring size on it.
  8. Hehe, Me and a mate started after watching tricks and stunts by the martins about 5-6 years ago
  9. that is a really nice bike mate. how does it ride??
  10. heres mine also oh and msn
  11. i like both. street is good for going big and flow, where as natural is good for practise, fun and falling off lol
  12. yeah does look alot tidier mate, good job did you spray it yourself??
  13. iv snapped a mision prodigy at the headtube because i was doin jumps on it at a skate park and i snapped the down tube on a woodman t-pro because it was made out of crap!!
  14. Iused to have an identity dr jekyll for riding to places and for jumping but i sold it to my brother and now i just put up with cycling everywhere on ma echo
  15. yeah be safe and get a new one!