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  1. It'll be good with 264s both sides then. Haven't updated that chart yet...
  2. Which version of the CNC rim have you got Dave?
  3. Auto-Mod Please use the bike pic thread, all the info you need is in the first post.
  4. Auto-Mod Please use the bike pic thread, all the info you need is in the first post.
  5. Toxsin (topic title) BB length vastly depends on chainring size, but 22T requires a 127.5. Adam
  6. Haha, give it a few years :blink: More pics of us looking daft to be put up later.
  7. Stop posting crap.
  8. Hehe, this has been up before... cant remember what I got, about 12000 i think.
  9. Auto Reply The topic starter has been validated. Moving topic from New Members Chat to Trials Chat.
  10. It'll be the GMP. http://www.coustellier.co.uk/upload/trial04.jpg
  11. Ginger beard power :D
  12. Guess Road Stem. Echo Control Trials Stem. Same thing :P
  13. Didn't quite understand what you meant first time. Start a thread about it if you like. I'm sure the forum could be likened to some form of democracy, and if 'the people' don't want to keep their 'leader' (loose terms) then he/she should go. See Lee's post. And Phil's post in the BT Forks thread, for that matter :P Maybe it is. Never been pulled for it before. I await clarification. Til then, good bye.
  14. http://www.trials-nation.com/?page=image_p...5p3c987a86d.jpg :P
  15. Phil will have a set from when he bought a banner :P Old threads should be changed, you mean? I'm cool with that. Let me know. It can be taken a few ways I reckon. Its either 'posting helpful information, not in a sales pitch', or you could say its a 'post which would lead to the direct sale of a product'. Take away my 'badge' if you wish. Certain other members have suggested this. Would be fine by me, I'd have a lot more free time!