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  1. Even ebay sellers from china have realized this... Meanwhile in Norway:
  2. Wooha, im famous! Thats my oset 20" bike
  3. Really???? Darude - Sandstorm What has trials become
  4. TGS
  5. What!! a bike without seat? Didnt think those existed anymore! lol Finally some real TGS!
  6. 4:17 with front to rear wheel..... zzzz
  7. I remember that guy. He had the coolest Monty with purple hubs and dualdisc... so smoooth
  8. How about this one? Biketrial rap!
  9. This video reminds me of the good old days. TGS
  10. Incredible riding and so creative.... So James... i have a challenge for you. If you pull off a static Gap from rear wheel to rear wheel with a tailwip i will eat my shoe!