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  1. Cheers for the reply, I don't have an iphone unfortunately though
  2. Anyone know of a good site/programme that you can use to track calorie count and work out macronutrient amounts and ratios?
  3. I wouldn't be too concerned about the mercury in tuna. Tuna is quite high in selenium, an antioxidant which has been shown to bind to heavy metals like mercury which causes it not to be toxic.
  4. Next level stuff right there
  5. I can never get Red Bull videos to work from their website. It just says connecting to server. Anyone else get this?
  6. That was quality. Good work man
  7. That was seriously good. So much control on those manuals. Look forward to the next video!
  8. Can't believe i have never seen either of those before. Akrigg's section is just beautiful
  9. I think you can only get one. Or you can do the fruit picking for 3 months then you can extend it for another year. Im planning on going to Sydney. Anyone know how hard it is to get a job there? Or if you can get a job sorted before going out?
  10. Does anyone know if you need to have savings to be allowed the 1 year working visa in Australia?
  11. Im from Huddersfield, well pretty near to and go out there pretty often when im back home. To be honest i think it's a pretty good night out, got a few clubs to go to and it's got a pretty big electro scene if your into that. There used to be quite a few riders too, not too sure how many of them are left though. I think the uni is a pretty decent one too, i heard it was good for engineering. They constantly seem to be expanding it and Patrick Stewart is chancellor which is a bonus.
  12. I applied for the clan too dankells Nice one
  13. Band of horses-the funeral
  14. Agh cheers, im a spanner. Video was one of the best things i've ever seen
  15. Says i need the latest flash player to watch it, just installed it and its saying the same thing? Is Dave Sowerby the bmxer that runs BSD?