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  1. Dude sell me this rn.
  2. I believe Kenny Beleay is running a crewkerz carbon fork with a disc at the moment unsure when they are/will be available though.
  3. Proper chill dude your edits always have me zoned out and relaxed, riding mega as always.
  4. Up to front @ 1:25 :/
  5. Charlie... What forks were they?
  6. Unreal that boy and hes pulled me out of a two year retirement to get another bike.
  7. Dude good to see you back on the bike killing it.
  8. Unbelievable riding.
  9. Got a boxx for sale if you want it Ross
  10. Trippy AF enjoyed it.
  11. Nowaks a weapon need to make a long solo vid of him.
  12. Agree.
  13. Come over to the wirral theres a few of us that ride and there are quite a few spots secluded too..
  14. Andrei is cool as f**k to watch what bikes he on? Hashtagg bars
  15. Lovely frame nice welding ive welded lots of titanium and this is very nice.. Nice continuation / pick ups / profile Stunning work