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  1. Unbelievable riding.
  2. Got a boxx for sale if you want it Ross
  3. Trippy AF enjoyed it.
  4. Nowaks a weapon need to make a long solo vid of him.
  5. Agree.
  6. Come over to the wirral theres a few of us that ride and there are quite a few spots secluded too..
  7. Andrei is cool as f**k to watch what bikes he on? Hashtagg bars
  8. Lovely frame nice welding ive welded lots of titanium and this is very nice.. Nice continuation / pick ups / profile Stunning work
  9. Wheres the trials footage? Cool vid nontheless
  10. I think the arcade looks miles better buts thats just my opinion.
  11. Sorry but some of the gayest shit i have ever seen behind brummoti's efforts.
  12. Been street riding with Tibo when he was staying over in the UK must of been about 10 years ago now think he was on the diamondback and his level of riding was unbelievable, cool dude too.
  13. Do you go up cowm often?
  14. Best rider to watch hands down one thing james could you make it a bit longer next time with more rock lines would be cool..
  15. Kenny still the best style out of the pack imo just looks like hes messing about with his mates and doesnt seem that interested or maybe he is and ive got that horribly wrong. Could be his injuries holding him back too but he doesn't look as comfortable on the Hashtagg either..