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  1. If it's a standard ISIS bottom bracket it should be a non serviceable sealed unit.
  2. When I join chains with a chain tool I then hit the pins with a hammer to mushroom them over. Any excuse to get a hammer involved.
  3. He has a few other oldish videos on his Vimeo account
  4. Good stuff, glad I could help!
  5. Heat the stickers up with heat gun/hair dryer, should help the stickers peel off in one piece as the glue gets warm. Then Acetone or something similar to remove the glue and original decals.
  6. Beltin video, some great riding and interesting lines!
  7. Has he not just bolted them on the wrong way and someone has pointed it out, then had to make up an excuse and now he has to live with it? *edit, forgot to comment on actual post* It's cool to see things being done differently, best of luck with it all Mike and look forward to seeing how stuff progresses.
  8. I think the 150 is a wider hub shell, the 142 is the same hub as the 135 with different end caps.
  9. They are washerless clamps so you won't be able to fit the plastic cylinder washers in. Make sure the clamp surface and the slave cylinder are cleaned properly and use grease on the bolts and they should work fine and hold the brake without slipping. Hope this helps
  10. The line at 2:40 did it for me.
  11. You exceed the weight limit to jump.
  12. Love the sound of creaking cranks...
  13. I liked that video
  14. Should be 2.5mm
  15. You can adjust the reach using the grub screw circled