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  1. The line at 2:40 did it for me.
  2. You exceed the weight limit to jump.
  3. Love the sound of creaking cranks...
  4. I liked that video
  5. Should be 2.5mm
  6. You can adjust the reach using the grub screw circled
  7. No had not thought to weigh it, will find out on Monday
  8. Awesome!
  9. Should be 10mm
  10. I run them on both my bikes and love them, on the echo I run about 25psi and on the fourplay I run them at 40 ish. I only had one mare with punctures on the echo, got three in one night, first was caused by me not making a gap and ramming wheel into a sharp metal edge. The same gap caused the other two punctures but I was also using my spare 1.75-2.0 tubes which became very thin when stretched into the 2.4 conti so they didn't stand much of a chance.
  11. It looks like the left hand bottom bracket cup is not screwed in enough, once it is in properly in it should stop the freewheel from being able to rub right hand bottom bracket cup. Headset is probably missing a spacer.
  12. He used too, he is now running the standard crewkerz freewheel and has been for a while.
  13. This is lies, I don't think I had to change a tube for any of those clips. There was only one time in Cleveleys when I went through a few tubes on the same gap (that was more down to poor technique than the tyre Cheers everyone for the positive replies