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    Jason Hill - Czar ivan/ GU 08 Rider!
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    Peterborough - england

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    Czar ivan (short) frame , viz urban forks , viz cnc stem , viz green bars , viz green drilled wheel set 46mm and 39mm green hs33s tensile cranks, SKF, echo green cnc headset, KMC chain, V!Z 4 bolt mounts, Plazmatic & rimjam padsm, Tryall Freewheel, Minion tyre! GU 08 - hope 200mil front disk, rear echo cnc, blue gu wheel builds cranks bars, echo rear in build tentioner, gu forks
  1. Lol thanks dude
  2. Usually meet at small tesco near debanhams then off into surrounding areas
  3. See you on sun
  4. lmao
  5. Where we're you riding in Peterborough? Plus let me know as I used to ride Peterborough alot and visit my parents now so could bring the bike.
  6. Plenty more where that came from! Lol
  7. True
  8. Excellent
  9. Only said that as I've had that problem and got a new chain and it fixed the problem. What more can I say.
  10. Time for a new chain
  11. Ace here's some more lol of me an pegler. When you out next?
  12. Something to add lol
  13. Put riser bars on and it rides alot better. The sticker - Just made it on one of those label machines at work.
  14. Sounds good
  15. Defo, add me on Facebook too and let me know when your riding.