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  1. Awesome clips guys! Would be down for a ride up there sometime soon.
  2. Really good guys! Great to see loads of stuff ridden most would just cycle by on a ride.
  3. Couple from yesterday at Shipley Glen. Not been here in years which is silly. I live so close. Was good to ride there again.
  4. Sold my On One Inbred and got a Pompino instead for the commute and maybe some cx races!
  5. That's true they don't look that worn down. The grip is fine but there is a lot of cuts in them that glass collects in. I'd say in about 5 of the last 7 rides I've had a slow puncture. Not on the last couple of rides though so might see how much longer I can use them for.
  6. Cheers Luke. Was a fun ride. Good to see the clips and where I could improve!
  7. Euro bike Part 2 and 23 Bens backflips were really good to watch. Keep it up Ali!
  8. I don't get why either but thanks all. Was very happy to pull that last line. I'm going to do some more filming. I'll work on the format and editing
  9. Here is what I gathered today on my first ride. It's really nice to be on a fresh frame/fork!