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  1. You make bikes look tiny how tall are you like 7 ft or something ? Good little vid though.
  2. Doesn't get much better than that f**king mint
  3. This one ! what was the geo ?
  4. Have you seen this one ?
  5. Por ?
  6. y la video con este cancion ???
  7. Any pics of the marino floating about ross ?I love how your style is still very trialsy on that bike Is the geo aimed in that direction or more towards bmx/inspired style ? Probably flog this ko km1 bike and get a marino build ,Cant get on with mod anymore since owning the onza zoot
  8. 26,mola
  9. THEEEEE nicest street trials bike ive ever seen leon What a beaut
  10. Such a cool rider to watch Everytime i see a dan jones video at barton/highcliffee it reminds me how much i miss that place Will have to come back down for another week or two when the weather is good enough to camp in hope you are doing good dude
  11. You ever going to give tricking a go ? or was it just a cheap introduction in to the sport I was a massive fan of foot jumps and combos ,just hurts like a fanny when you f**k up If you know anyone who wants a gambit signature xl kit in very good condition give us a shout ,only want £50 30m signature webbing with loop......thinner than the surfline thus wayyyy more bounce ! It scares me how high i get ! two big ratchets with soft release two slings ,two backups ''fail safes'' and gibbon tree protection Good luck with the 100m .......try and walk one with 2 meters sag ! shit is insaneeeeeeeeeeee
  12. That was so so good
  13. What is it a 30m trickline ?
  14. Tesla coil ?