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  1. Next question, grinding rear rim, metal or stone cutting disk? Water still the best choice for running in rear brake? Thanks
  2. Thank for the reply. So what differs between the hs11 and hs33? In regards to the freewheel, is there an advantage to running the freewheel up front instead of having a fixed chainring on front and freewheel on rear? Cheers.
  3. After some years off I've bought myself another bike. Now there's a few questions I've got, I'm sure it's all basic stuff but having not chucked my leg over a bike for nearly ten years I'm a little out of touch. Bikes got a rear hs11 brake, I thought these back in the day we're the road bike equivalent to the hs33? Slaves and lever seem to also have the echo 'e' on them, will this still take the standard hs33 pads? On to pads, what's the crack, everyone still grinding their rims? Heatsink still going or is there a new leading pad brand on the market? Are rb levers still about? As for front brake I was surprised to see it has a bb7 which was what I used to run all those years ago, the deore lever has got to go due to huge blister after 20 mins of riding. Avid sd7 still a good choice? A long time ago I was running a eno freewheel then onto a Chris king. This bikes currently got a front freewheel set up, is there any advantage to running the freewheel on the front as opposed to the rear? What's a reasonably freewheel upgrade? Has a set of maxis super tackys (again these I used to use), their in need of replacement, what's the current choice (predominantly street riding)? I used to use a set of reasonably chunky foam grips, they were hot stuff back then, wcs I think they we're called, are they still available anywhere or is there a new 'super grip' around? Final question, understanding I've not ridden for a long time I still find the bike is trying to chuck me off the back when on the back wheel. It's got a long high rise stem on it and reasonably low toxin forks. Would I benefit from a lower rised stem? Apologise for the newbie questions and I get that majority of the above is down to personal preference, but a few pointers in the right direction would be appreciate. Cheers.
  4. Yep you heard right. should come down if the wheathers looking ok. what time be there for? and where can i park thats free
  5. hmmm i may come along. see if i can remember how to peddle the thing.
  6. few of us from taunton are heading down to dartmoor for a ride on sunday. dont really know where were going but if anyone fancies joining us for a little mess around well be there probs bout 10.30 ish. so may see a few there. cheers
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  8. well the story goes bout 3 konths back i was caught speeding on my motorbike down a dual caridgeway that is a 50, i was doing 82. just before the roundabout that leads onto the carridge way i was overtaken by a much bigger bike (R1) i carried on in no way chasing the bike (as if i would have a chance) riding down the carridge way while watching this bike speed very quickly away. half way don the carridge way i look down and relise i was doing about 65-70 so i put my indicator on as relised something behind me to pull over and get out of its way, also to slow down beacuse of the speed i was dojng. before i even got the chance to get in the inside lane the blue lights falshes i pull over hoping it wasnt me he was after (as you do) but of course it was. got in the car he told me my speed and that he had followed me for 0.355 of a mile and clocked me over 15 seconds. he then explained that he had his eye on the bigger bike but saw me speeding away. so bassiclly got the leet through few days ago saying im going to court. now probklem is i havnt got a clue how to handle it. ive never been before and the last thing i want to do is to say anything that is going to drop me more in it. i also need to write a staitment but have no clue due to the same reasons above. so has anyone got any tips on what to do and say. anyone experianced it before. what sort of fine/points am i looking at? revoked license? ban? all help would be great. thanks cheers
  9. ye i will probabbly come . what time need to be there n where meeting then. first time on bike in a loooonnnnggg time....
  10. 5 lessons then took my first test and failed, then my instructor had to quite due to medical reasons so a further 4 with another instructor (same company) and different car and i passed.
  11. just intrested what cars are out there that are rear wheel drive so il state a few that i know of: .ford sierra .ford granada .mg midgit .bmw's .vauxhall omega (well i know the estate is) any others? cheap ones
  12. wickid bo see you all tomorrow, anyone driving form somerset area n wana drive down in convoy, thats only if you can keep up with the massive power and speeds of the PASSAT ESTATE!!!!!!! see you there, whiteboy
  13. first ride in a loooooong time peggy sue and steven gunna be joining?
  14. if anyone is intrested my fuji s5600 may be up for sale with case, memory cards, fillter, strap, batteries, charrger etc cheers
  15. anyone? also do you think in ana escort can i will be able to fit 2 seats on like the isdes that fold up into the side pannels? cheers