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  1. Almost historic now - giant trials team with monty bar and stems, Chris King front and rear hubs on mavic ceramic rims. Even got Koxx blox from early 2000's lol
  2. Just remember that T-Mobile and 3 share network infrastructure under a group called MBNL. So if T-Mobile signal is good then so should 3. There are plenty of coverage maps around using real data and it would be sensible to look on OFCOM's website or for signal coverage. Orange and T-Mobile is only a 2G signal share so download speed can be limited if using the internet on mobile broadband. Obviously due to the above contracts and creation of MBNL means that it will be complicated to share T-Mobiles 3 G network. All this is available on the operators website's and there are coverage checkers available on their own websites.
  3. If it was me, I would always take my dog to the vet just to check it out anyway, I know its expensive but would you ever want the dog to suffer. At the end of the day its upto you, if the mutt is happy, not licking/bothered by it see how it goes for a couple of days and keep checking it. you dont have to go vets straight away
  4. Nice thanks for that!
  5. Is there not an impedance mis-match, thought most cars were 4-6 ohm and pc's 8 ohm... maybe mistaken though
  6. My mortgage gives me the options for holidays where I can take a break on the mortgage if things go wrong, or need improving. Either way sounds like you'll be fine. Just do a comparison and watch the interest levels you pay in difference, it may give you a good idea which will work best for you! Gd luck, its not easy being a house owner! I spent ages running around fixing leaks when I first moved in to mine!!
  7. If your going to over pay anyway you may as well take it over a shorter time. Then at least you have the option to over pay more. I have also found its not easy to set up overpayments, lol - not that I have tried hard and if I over pay more than 10% my interest rate changes... With bills and mortgage I planned in to start off with about £100ish a month, I found that this was too small for buffer and often found myself with nothing left. Also worth remembering any car payments, once a big bill comes at once its a real blow to the old bank! You have obviously brought the right share plan... they wanted me to buy shares that cost £1.73 for £3 something... what do you do for BT
  8. If I was you I would cut the term down, do a 15 year, you would make less interest payments and when you look to expand your house in a couple of years you will have lots more options because you will own more equity in the house. Mortgage is 423 council tax is 120 elec is 68 gas is 60 water is 32 TV licence is 12 quid or so, but when you get it first they make you pay double for the first 6 months!!!! Everywhere is different though! BT shares paid my deposit too, I was in the sharesave scheme but then the price dropped and just took all the money out of them.
  9. What exactly are you trying to do with it, there must be some new PBX which you may find that you can make better use of... How many lines do you have incoming? Are you looking to increase the amount of phones you have or the amount of lines that are available. Also are you looking for IP based functionality? I personally would look at the BT versatility telephone system ( With this system it is easy to add functionality as you need it, you could also put your internet over this and make use of Voice Over IP, meaning you can take a configured handset from your office and use it anywhere there is a broadband connection...
  10. How is this one going adam?
  11. yeah its me
  12. from the station we could go to the court to warm up and catch anyone whos a little late:D
  13. Hamiltonnnn!!!!! New legend!!
  14. ./

    if you dont know what it is go to the doctors, you can read all sorts of things off the internet and we dont know weather they are right or wrong... The NHS is free. Look on the internet after your sure what the problem is.
  15. use a netgear! Simple. Opps Just read your post, get in touch and i can try and talk you through everything if you would please. Jono