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  1. my girl wont ride my bike wont say what she does ride pretty obvious but still wanna get her riding trials lucky lucky guy
  2. new idea from me from being a member of various other forums i noticed a feature on another forum that is quite helpful when you hover over a topic a few lines of the topic show up. like the 1st four lines i cant remember what this option is called but i found it helpful when topic descriptions are not very clear. nick
  3. butt (bump up this topic)
  4. ill enter my input then run, you will get so many replies blue rock pads
  5. this thread is awesome gonna keep checking back will prob think of an embarrasing moment soon nick
  6. i saw fred grillet (sp) hook a wall that was about 20 inches, (just guestimating) well put it this way just bigger than my front wheel looked very very weird
  7. sorry what 41 inch sidehop is there in herne bay, bring a tape measure out and ill see this wall because i bet none of the walls in herne bay are 41 inches. well none "sidehoppible" btw if you were the guy kicking Kings arse at backwheeling that was cool lol
  8. should be working but cant be bothered just browsing here wanting to ride. my bike is in my car outside so i might have to ride the school walls. fook it im going to get a panini brb lol nick
  9. ditto, look sweet ride pretty jank, well the one i rode did anyway
  10. 07's ride crap??? i think not, light frame very flicky get one 05s are sweet to ride aswel nick
  11. whistable is alright ish last time i was there rode nearly all day and didnt get bothered, can go down into town aswel
  12. have a go on both and choose your prefered choice, we cant really say its your riding style and what you prefere nick
  13. i might ride herne bay if i can sort my brake but sort the spelling out please dude
  14. looks and feels uber short ill let you know when i ride the bike again nick