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  1. He already has, but it's gone unnoticed... I think the mods could do with some new blood - Unfortunatly I now have a job where I can't sit on the internet all day
  2. Question for those IT Gurus out there. I have the Lotus Notes NSF databse (~6Gb unencrypted) which contains all my old email from my previous work. I had Notes installed on my laptop so I could easily reference my old emails. Work have reinstalled everyones laptops and locked them down so I can't install Notes to get quick access to my email. I'd like to convert the database to a PST to import into my Outlook. Has anyone any tips/experience of Lotus Databases? I've managed it in small volumes by copying and pasting emails to a Gmail IMAP account (using Notes on my Home Laptop), but it's painfully slow (I think due to the time taken to upload. 300/17000 messages took a couple of hours. Any other ideas? I've tried setting up a local IMAP mail server (Mercury) without success - I think it's Notes being difficult. Thanks
  3. The problem is you look like a trader and your attitude sucks.
  4. He should be back in the UK later in the week - tonight is his last night in a tent! Whilst he was at base camp he did a Vo2max which was pretty interesting when compared to the one he did in the UK at near enough sea level - http://new.livestream.com/everestmillion/live/videos/17324717
  5. Daniel summited last night/early this morning - live interview on the BBC: http://new.livestream.com/everestmillion/live/videos/19184342 Incredible stuff!
  6. Yes - although it gets a bit confusing when he talks about time in his videos as the time difference is something like 4 3/4 hours!
  7. Thanks for your donations guys. He's at Camp 2 now: He'll be moving from Camp 2 to Camp 3 later tonight (morning for him!) and will be broadcasting live from Camp 3 on the BBC News Channel around 12:20pm.
  8. His video from today explains the story of how it came about - I've failed to embed it (HTML etc... isn't my strong point!) so here's the link: Linkage All the money raised goes to Comic Relief - the costs of the expedition have been met by a mixture of Daniel and his sponsors (HTC, Rab, Inmarsat, Livestream, Jagged Globe among others!) Thanks! Much appreciated - spread the word
  9. My brother in-law is climbing Mount Everest in aid of Comic Relief in a bid to put the first Red Nose on the summit. His aim is to get 1 million people to donate a £1 each to raise 1 million pounds for Comic Relief - His campaign website is everestmillion.com. He's been out in Nepal for around 7 weeks now (in addition to the 2 1/2 years preparation!) and leaves from Everest Base Camp this evening to make the journey to the summit. You can see videos/pictures of his journey so far and there will be media updates along the final climb including several live broadcasts into the BBC News channel along with updates & videos onto his website/livestream/twitter. I know the media side sounds fairly run of the mill, but there are no internet cafes or free wifi out there! All the content is being beamed by satellite (He's carrying around an extra 10kg in comms gear over other climbers) Please help him out by following his journey and donating a cheeky pound to Comic Relief (Text "Nose70 £1" to 70070 to text donate or go to everestmillion.com) /Shameless plugging!
  10. Keep on topic - no purposeless imflammatory posts.
  11. I changed jobs so can't sit on TF during the day now Still lurking though...
  12. My (engineering) opinion on this thread is it has ceased to function as designed.
  13. I'm 'running' a 10k run with my brother in law in around 6 weeks (although I'm assured it'll be more of a walk as he's doing it in his climbing gear in preparation for climbing Everest for Comic Relief next year) I've always had issues with my knees being sore if I run more than 200m - I used to strap them up using tubigrip bandages. Has anyone got any recommendations for a knee support, or should I stick with what I know?
  14. You mean Quality Control. Quality Assurance is the systems behind Quality Control... /Pedant
  15. lol