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  1. With regards to the whole bitch crank topic - It's simple I love Flipps riding. I love Ali's riding. Can't really see a need for the arguement myself.
  2. Sensational video Flipp. With every video you release there is constantly evolving elements to your riding. Easily one of the most creative, skilled riders of this sport ever.
  3. You are actually ridiculous
  4. Wash your mouth out...!!
  5. What Ross said. But at least 20 minutes long.
  6. Suits your style a lot Ross. Last line was tasty.
  7. Watched it with a bitter taste in my mouth that we are so long overdue a trials edit :-(
  8. Loved everything about that. Awesome vid Ben.
  9. "Tanking".....? Are we looking at the same footage Flipp?
  10. That, was a massive edit. Epic riding.
  11. Great vid
  12. This is all getting a little bit silly now Flipp. Just a f**ckin little bit silly. Unreal riding mate.
  13. That last drop was absolutely gorgeous
  14. Absolutely LOVED that. Beautiful riding James. Keep pushing on
  15. An Ed Tongue edit would erase 17 years of frustration at how little footage there is of this amazing rider. Had the pleasure of riding with him in 1998 and it was incredible. He inspired my riding style for the following 17 years.