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Whats The Best Freewheel You Can Get In The Price Range Off £20-£30?

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Get a Tensile freewheel or if you can't stretch as far as £35 then get the ACS claws. I have had one for a few months now and it has never skipped. If you can go to £50 then get the Try All 108.9, even if that does skipp you can barely tell!

Hope I've helped.

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just helps knowing becuase you might go spend your money on somerthin crap!!

you cant realy get a freewheel brand new that is good for that price but you should get the tryall freewheel on www.tartybikes.co.uk for £50 but look on the forum for second hand ones but then you will have the risk off it slipping more and no warrenty with it ussually.

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I have had an ACS claws for six months now (Y) !!! It is the welded one from tarty and it is suprisingly still going strong. It has only skipped a few times but nothing major. though only time it was not going well was when I covered the chain in WD 40 and it got in the freewheel. it soon wore off though. I think I might consider getting a Tensile soon though.

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OK i have had my tensile for a while now and i have to say i think i have been unlucky

mine seems to skip a lot, but that might be due to a few other things like my cones on my rear hub come lose and the wheel has some free play from side to side.

getting my wheel sorted should have it back tomorrow :)

also my rear sprocket is worn quite bad so might replace that as well

then fingers crossed it should all be good again :)

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in not wanting to start a new thread, and similar topic.

what do you guys think of the try-all 108.9 cos when i get my A1 i think it would be perfect.

my mate has a tensil and it is pretty good, cant really tell it from my acs though.

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