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Stupid Computer!

Ali C

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ok< i accidently held down shift for * seconds and a little screen came up telling me somthing had happened and it wanted a responce< i clicked cancel thinking it would just be normal but its done somthing pretty mayjor to my computer! i cant scroll down the page with my mouse wheel< it just changes the address in my toolbar< i cant click on text as it just highlights it all to where i am clicking< i cant talk on msn as i try to press enter and it just makes a new line rather than showing the message to others< even when i click send< it just makes another line!

any ideas on whats happend and how to sort it?

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bleed'n thick yorkshiremen these days eh...

someone help so i don't feel bad for making a totally pointless post and getting his hopes up when he saw a reply, only to find out it was a cheap dig with no help at all!

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I think I have sorted it,,, test test...1 2 3 timmy tom drank tea tearfully tonight........dont do what donny dont does.......

howmuchwoodcanawoodchuckchuckwhenawoodchuckcouldchuckwood?...........she sells sea shells on the sea shore

cool, seems to work now, cheers for the help.

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