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Chain Skipping On V!z Rear Cog...


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I recently purchased a single speed Viz cog and now my chain keeps riding up on top of the cog and then skipping and falling back into place....the cog is much taller and thicker than my standard cassette sprocket....do i just need to persist with it until the cog wears to fit the chain or buy a new chain? At the minute i use a 3/16 KMC i think but will probably get a 1/8 KMC soon...


Steve x

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What size sprocket is it and what tensioner are you using? I had the exact same problem last week. Basically the chain needs to bed in to the sprocket and when it rides up the teeth it reduces the amount of teeth that are engaged and then skips. I solved the problem by getting more chain wrap around the sprocket so the chain engaged on more teeth. I had to buy a rohloff tensioner but depending on your setup you may be able to up-tension the chain.

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