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Now i know that im not really aloud to do this on new members chat but ive been after a trials bike of my own since i have joined this forum and as i am not validated i cant post people on classifieds. That is the reason why i am asking on here! Ive been saving for a while to buy a bike as my mate is a bit sick of me asking him to have a go on his all the time!!! Im pretty good seeming ive never actually owned my own!!! so i have enough to get a trials bike just wondering if any body can help me out!! in finding one on here!!! (£300 budget) and if could be some sought of monty as i preffer short frames!!!! P.S sorry for posting this topic on here as i am pretty desperate to get ridding!!!! thanks to all that can help me!!! cheers for this....!!! JAMIE!! ((Hope you understand!!

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