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Some Photos Amidst The Rain - Ash Smith And Me


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here are just a few shots from the past week or so, i have broken my toe and my foot is encased in a cast and i have to wear a rem shoe, oh well

when the weather held out i popped out with my little digi cam and snapped a few photos of ash smith riding.

comments would be good folks, need to convince my dad to let me use his digital slr he doesnt think i can take photos!






pedal gap from road


manual along a wall about 7/7.5 foot up

and a few sneaky shots of me riding in a rem shoe


up the rock


and off it, i think the best description of my riding in these photos is laboured. but in my defence that shoe just doesnt stay on my foot or pedall

hope you like folks

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yo strangers hows life... i have yet to see these two venture out of bahlik :P haha cool pics there, i like mallets manuel, its fair cool

and how long does it take and insurence company to find me some bastarding EA70's to finish off my bike lol

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nice pictures matt, the one of me manuelling looks pretty good, would be good if we could use the slr, might have to look into buying one.

shame i wont be riding for a bit now with the bad shoulder............... ho[pefully be on full order for the round at addingham soon.


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