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Cranks & Freewheels


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At the mo I have t-bird crank set but last night had wee pedal about on my mates bike with a freewheel felt so much better so in the not to distant future want to up date the cranks and get my self freewheel question is what you guys running.

Cheers Nick

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Yeah definitlely upgrade mate, the gearing ive found with t-birds and t-vees is very light so gapping and blunts are harder to do at a higher level so upgradeing to maybe a 18:12 ratio will definitly help you become a better rider. Also buy a decent freewheel which good catchpoint so it makes you put more power into the pedalstroke.

Freewheels such as the:





ENO white industries

these are the ones to go for - depending on your budget

Im currently running Tensile cranks with a try-all freewheel and felt theyre quite good.

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Freewheel wise i'd go for the ENO every time. I've heard stories about tensiles, montys and try-all freewheels not lasting at all in some cases. But never heard anything bad about ENO's. So if you can stretch to buy one of them it's a very good invetment.

As for cranks, the echo / zoo etc cranks seem to be the best out there at the mo. (Y)

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i have, tensile freewheel, echo forged cranks and fixed 12T rear.

works nice

very nice infact

Thats what I've got and it has lasted for 8 months and I have never had to take the cranks off. The freewheel has never skipped and the bearings are still perfectly tensioned.

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