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Trials Forks - I Know Nothing

Tommy d

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Ok, my elderly MAD forks are in the process of cracking and dying so I shall need some new ones. I don't really know anything about forks so I'd appreciate some info.

Is there much difference between steel and aluminium forks? I've got a steel frame if that's relevant.

Is there much variation in length/height of forks? Does this matter?

What's all this about stiffness, is that important?

Basically I'll be after some strong forks that will last, with V mounts, and it would be nice if they were light as well. What do I want?

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all about ssracen mad forks i got 04's got them second hand there going very strong, the echo forks seem to have a good rep there is certainly a few riders who ride with them.

best bet mate is just to do some research on tartybikes and the other shops with price and weight and description.

if you cant afford the more expensive fork though like the echo's or the zoo's may i suggest some tuff guys, i know there heavy but they are a great fork for the mean time until you you have money for a decent fork,

would you be interested in a another pair of sarcens as i have some that i could send you for small fee there disk and vee version sprayed white if your interested add me to msn


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Aluminium forks look better than steel.

Steel forks + steel frame is ok, but don't use steel forks + alu frame, that would be madness. Just joking really, it's not that important. Most decent forks are aluminium now though. If you don't want a disc mount (for the future) then Pashleys would be OK, and cheap.

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Like said controls or urbans

I want some new forks as well so I can run front disc just to add to the thread...

What forks would be best for nice balance between strength and weight?

You ride mod dont you going off your pick so i would get echo lites. Everyone loves them forks so many riders are using them now a days.

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Thankyou for the advice so far.

Looks like Control or Pashley would be good options. Does anyone know if the Pashley ones just come in blue? £50 is a rather attractive idea...

Anybody know which of the two would be stronger? And lighter?

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Well I rang Pashley and they told me the TV series is long gone! Bit of a shocker! Off to the Classified section we go...

I have a pair of pashleys, lovly forks just no disc mounts. £25 posted if you like (I gotta measure the steerer tube 1st before any dealings)

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my pashleys were 3rd hand and lasted a year and a half!

they are about as strong as you can get ( i think...)...nice bounce, nice shape.

got some echo ones now (they have a v-brake mount and are black..) and they have a very thick steerer tube but feeel really very flexy to me- not sure if i like it or not! i can't be bothering changing them mind...


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