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Sounds like they have both put the pads on, on a very dirty rim, or unclean surface! my HSreds are immense, soo loud, but there angled :(

because after a year.. ther really worn inside the hole.... so im ordering new ones! :D

but i reckon you both shoulda cleaned everything, before u commited to installation!


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Ive now done that tonight and also realised ive lost atleast half of the pad material on the pads :(

You said its not glued in? Is it not kind of obvious what's happening here? :huh:

The backing may hit the rim flat, or in good response, but the pad will keep going, it may well be only by 2 or 3 mm, but believe you me, that'll make one hell of a big difference to wear, as well as friction.

Sounds like both these cases are bad setup's, especially using tekto's, not entirely sure what you thought would happen. :ermm:

I had rock pads that had 1/4 crumbled away, but were setup spot on, and they out done every other of my mates brakes.

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Degrease your rim and pads and make sure they're aligned properly (which is never easy with Vs). Wash off with water (no soap or shit), then ride around dragging the brake for about 5 mins. If they're still crap there's either something wrong with your rim or your tektro poor excuse for a brake (I had a pair, and replaced with SD7s as soon as I could), or you can't align brakes to save your life. In which case, get a mate who knows his Vs to do it.

I've had reds on both my bikes (smooth rims all round) for ages now, and they've always been spot on unless it's pissing with rain, in which case, yeah they are crap. But in the dry and even slightly damp, they have bite and hold for days. I've not even got a booster on my stock (there's boss flex, but the brake's powerful enough that it's not an issue).

Oh and here's a simple alignment test: sit on your bike stationary, feet on the floor. Pull the brake lever quickly. If you hear a 'clack' as the pads hit the rim, they're probably pretty well aligned. If you don't, likely you need to break out the allen key.

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