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May 24th - Chelmsford.


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Hmm, meet at 11 at the station? Let us know if your coming, also give me a pm if you want my number or anything.

So far these are coming


Bearded Midget (Reece :P)





Mr Rankin

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i hope this is still going on guys am up for this.........

reece u still coming?

yep :)

ive finally learnt how to ride this DOB properly aswell now so im really looking forward to it.

and matt what half link chains are atleast half decent because i cant get very good chain tension because my drop outs are tiny shiz. might get a kmc and hope it comes out about 5mm shorter than my khe :P

in anycase my bikes perfectally rideable and chain doesnt skip, so it wont be holding me back :P just makes my new smooth riding have a chain clanging sound lol

11 at station you?

i guess so matt, 11 sounds good

Dout il be able to make this ride but WILL defo come out if anyone comes down this way or st osyth the weekend after. (Y)

week after st osyth hopefully :D

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As in with the KHE you get no chain tension because its either too long or too short.

Need to go chain hunting tomorow.

If you need one gives us a shout

See you'll there


BTW if anyone knows where to get one give a PM please :).

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