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Tyke Trial Training Days

Tom Rigg

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Hey guys, just been to the first of the Tyke Trial training days at addingham, the idea of having these kind of days i think is great! There were 4 fully laid out sections to have a stab at, was good practice just to keep going through them without the added pressure of time. There were quite a lot of young riders there, i think mostly local but all the same some real potential.

The idea of the day was to train but also give help/encouragement to those who are learning, there were only a handful of more experienced riders there, i think it would help the younger generation if a few more experienced riders came and helped out! I think the next one is planned for 2nd November at Dob Park in Otley, look forward to seeing you there!

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Glad you enjoyed it and brought some fantastic weather with you all B)

All the riders who turned up today enjoyed Addingham Moorside at it's best and were all great examples of the sport. The day was relaxed and riders could attempt the sections or ride any of the zillions of lines available on the moorside.

We may run a few more of these if there is a demand for them and although November seems like a lifetime away it will soon come round. (Y)

The comments made will be noted and future training days improved to allow the riders to get the most out of the day. Thanks to all the riders who came along and made the day worth while for the organisers and the section setters.

I'm off to rub some cream into my sunburn now!! :$

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Unfortunately i couldn't attend, but they're a great idea. Would it be possible to organise another one in the summer, maybe july or august at Addingham or Brimham rocks? Would definitely get myself there!


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I am glad you all enjoyed it yeterday, and a big thanks to Niel for sorting stuff out.

I asked a Photographer to come up and see what we do with a view to him covering our future events, he will be at Blackpool this weekend,

Here is the address of his website and a link to the pictures he took.



They were taken yesterday as a introduction to trials for him, His name is Lee and he was amazed at what he saw.

Have a look and maybee even buy one off his site.

Thanks again.

See you all on Sunday.


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