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ok so i was riding pagies bike last night with his riser bars, i have flats on mine.

it felt better but it was wearing out my wrists and thumbs and stuff

im just wondering whether its worth changing them and grinning and bearing it or if itll get better?

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not sure, if it really hurts then i wouldnt but if it feels better then i would emmm... why dont you buy some and then if you dont like it then sell them on ebay or something, you may not get all the money back but atleast you tryed it.

if you do like it then you can alsways sell your flat ones on ebay and then you may get some of the money back.

just realised.. oi am like sort of an advertisement for ebay lol o well

hope this helped

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I have a set of risers in my for sale thread, monty ones, a bit like pagies. Im sure if you chat to pagie i can talk to him and sort something out if you want.


cheers guys (except pagie :P)

will try some and if not then nevermind


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