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My 06 Pure


Next colour?  

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  1. 1. Which one, since I killed her..

    • Gloss black.
    • Gloss Black AND orange in a funky design...
    • Orange and orange only..

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Now polled. scroll down for reason lol.

Yes yes, cant remember if i did a bike check or not. Havnt ridden in AGES. for a number of reasons but got it out today for a while, pretty funnn.

But yea here she is. lower bb ***.




echo pure 06.5 cracked :(

echo control forks

heatsink adaptors, sd5 caliper, MOE vee pads (Shitting brilliant), oddy linear slick cable SD7 lever.

rear maggy with rimjam v3s

onza 17x120 stem

onza alloy 30" bars

echo headset

echo forged cranks

truvative BB

VP pedals

front echo 07 on hope xc

rear pro 2 on onza hog 47mm

echo brake clamps

front kenda tyre

rear maxxis minion

bodged dmr tensioner

kmc kool chain

hellfrauds grips

thats it i think...

Comment me up bitchs.

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Penis. I thought it was all in bits?!

Would have rang you about 100000 times if I'd known it was rideable. Suppose your working on sat? Got exams in a couple of weeks so its weekends only til they're done...

Yea it was in bits, then I decided not to sell it, mostly due to not being in debt. Yea work saturday <_< Although I may soon swap jobs and work for a few hours on week days... because I need bare moneys for driving.

But yea Il be out riding sooner or later.

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I can grab a pic at some point, Im fairly busy at the mo but Il try and get one. Its cracked on the driveside sort of in the middle of the CNCd plate that conects the chainstay and BB. Its not a massive crack and its not spreading at the moment so hopefully itl hold out for a while longer because I really like the geo on this frame.

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  • 3 weeks later...

to be honest It still rides the same.... It just looks ghetto. I know its not amazingly ghetto spec wise. I honestly dont care, but since Im getting slated massive, I think I may have to rub her all down and spray her again.... Possibly orange... Or orange and black OR just plain black...

Hmmm poll time...

Remember the wheels are very light metalic blue (oranges complementary colour....)

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