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What To Do Next?


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im curently doing a ict practioners course, it finsishe next month though.

i really dont know what to do next.

a few people from the course have got aprenterships but he could only take on 7 and obvioulsy i wasnt good enough.

i have no clue what course to do next year/september

im trying to organise a meeting with my carees adviser but my teahcers are useless.

my mum thinks i should doing something like a mechanic e.t.c and to be honest, i dont see my self going to uni becuase i havnt got the brains to get in.

anyone in the same postion?

what did you do?

thanks :)

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To say your finishing an IT course..Did they not teach you how to use a keyboard?

On a more constructive note, if IT is your 'thing' why not take it further and do a BTEC or an Alevel, or specialise into a particular area of IT. Have a look at a few local colleges and see what else is available that can take your study up a step?

we dont focus on the keyboard no

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