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Little Story I Wanted To Share With You!


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i was at school sprinting in the field and i got pushed from behind i rolled over on my neck without supporting my self and could not move!! ambulance had to be called to school and i got put on to strecter and taken to hospital in the ambulance. I got there and ive doen something to my neck but i forgot what it was, to many doctor kind of long words. Couldnt move my neck for like 2 hours then finnaly was able to now im back home with a very stiff neck and i miss school tomorrow.

was that exciting enough, still dont know who pushed me, bet they feel guilty!!!

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I did something similar when I was little. I fell of a climbing frame onto my back and I couldn't move my legs. Well scary! By the time I got to the hospital I was OK though, apparently it was just a muscle spasm in my back.

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