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Rich Pearson - Natural Training

Rich Pearson

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Finally got round to putting a Natural video together to compliment all the street vid's I've been banging out (ST5 is shaping up quite nicely).

Trials-Forum Video -> Full ViewDownloadUpload

Shot on location at Bone Hill, Hartland Quay, Lynmouth, Westward Ho! and Hailing Island. Big thanks to Tom Howe, Nick Vaughan, Matt Burge and Joe Seddon for filming.

Hoping to get ST5 out by the end of the month but still want to keep up with the natural, as I really forgot how much I missed riding it.

Thanks again to all my sponsors; NBR, Heatsink, Trials-UK, Zest Series Clothing.

Enjoy, all comments welcome.


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Nice vid Rich. Not really a fan of natural vids, but it was manageable. :P

Like the way the St vids have a heavier song and this one used a more chilled song.

Shot on location ... Westward Ho!

Where is that, it's always the last stop on the coach i get back to bridgwater, I just assumed it was supposed to be a funny name cause we were going to the westcountry.

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sweet rich. looked really really good. it was just like street training but with lots of rocks :) commend you on the tune too, although your mixing skills are debatable...... awesome vid though mate, makes me want to take a dremel to my cast already! :P


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...Bone Hill, Hartland Quay, Lynmouth, Westward Ho!...

Awesome stuff dude - makes a change for a natural vid to have a similar feel to it as a good street vid (please note I'm not saying either is better, just different) but the style of music, the quick editing, and of course your uberiding soon sorted that out!

Liked that very much :)

(People be wary - leave a negative comment and Rich will use his unholy moderator powers to edit your brainwaves...)

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