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Ok, So I Get Bored Easily! Colourful Inspired Fourplay


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So I had some paint left over from my old Zoot and I fancied a change soooo... here's the result!





Just need to get some white stickers from Tarty to finish it off. Also new is the 2.4 DMR Moto RT on the rear and a big shout out to Dave from Inspired/Trialtech for the Inspired pivotal saddle and (27.2) post which is sweet as and silly light!

Comments welcome :D

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Cheers for the comments guys! I'm really pleased with it, Always loved the frame in white but have been having quite a few pics taken recently and it just seems that colours look better... that and just fancied a change!

phwoar.....looking at your tyres and thinking does he ever actually use this bike!!

Believe me, it gets used lots. The rear tyre is brand new on today, haven't even ridden it yet, hence why it looks so unused!

Looks sweet as a nut, Dave! Paint job (from what I can tell) looks really well done :)

Is that Inspired/Trialtech seat/post setup likely to be available to us mortals any time soon?

Paint job isn't that great but it does the job. I'm possibly the most impatient sprayer in the world... Final coat went on at about 2.15pm and had it built up with the stickers on by 3.15! :D

The Inspired seat/post will be available in the near future but I'll leave it to Mr Cleaver to clarify (Y).

When i saw the so i get bored easy, and then senior and before your pic loaded i saw a inspired i was thinking along the lines or Mr maher ... haha

I was considering calling the topic something like "just call me Dave Maher!!" :giggle:

If it had a couple of gears that would be THE perfect street bike !!

Whatever Rowan! Why on earth would I want gears?! :P

Oh yeah, and I do have a shorter stem on order to try for size as the Simtra (I've been told) is probably a bit long for the whole 24" thang.

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That seat/post combo needs to be available soon. I am actually slightly annyonce with Mr. Inspired maker for not making that available with the frame, especially as it was about 4 weeks ago i was searching for a pivotal post for my inspired, but couldnt fin the right diameter, or a saddle to suit.

Well as hes in Nottingham like me, i might catch up with him one dark night with a spanner.....or as a good will gesture, could always donate one? I'll collect on foot!!

Beautfiul bike man, looks lovely.

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