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Rbs Solo Card


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You normally have to sign up for internet banking. Best best is either ringing up your local branch and finding out how abouts you sign up for it, although im pretty sure the whole process of signing up take a few days. Or the other option is to just go down to your local branch and ask them for a statement?

Numbers of branches!

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Banks don't usually give information regarding pretty much anything over the phone....usually any phonecall is processed by a million security questions and then everything is reset and sent in the post (regarding pin numbers, passwords, user ID's and bank statements).

Some cash machines do give mini-statements out for the past couple of weeks - although I know some banks actually charge for these, so double check!

I recently had a problem accessing my online banking (TSB) and had to ring up to reset my password - one of the secuirty questions was 'can you sell me the transaction name of any direct debits?'...simple enough...second was 'You recently (2 weeks ago) used an ATM at Tesco, can you tell me how much you withdrew?'; which is a pretty f**king difficult question has Tesco has the only decent ATM machine in the town.

Although I took a wild guess and 'Mary from Portsmouth' accepted it.

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haha, rbs have the most lax security i have ever seen! I regularly bod into my branch without any ID or my card and they will have my details up by the time ive got to the counter, they know me by 1st name! lol...


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