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Dj Memorial Ride Portsmouth 2008

Jonny Jones

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OK here's a video I've made of this years ride in Portsmouth.

HD download now availble: DJ RIDE PORTSMOUTH 2008.mov

As late as it is, I managed to get an 'HD' version on Vimeo, Click here - its staggered to hell though and is the same size as the normal size video above.

YouTube as well:

Trials-Forum Video -> Full ViewDownloadUpload
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Im gonna try and find a home for the HD version too.


Top video Jonny, love watching your video's as it's usually almost on par with actually being there with you capturing the ride and atmosphere so well :)

That rail line near the start from Porter was pure madness, top riding all round, looked like a great event.


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Loved it!

Music went well, liked the editing, some amazing riding from everyone, great weather, the lot.

Best of all, even though DJ isn't around anymore, he's still making a ton of riders get a massive amount of fun from the sport and meet a load of new friends in the process. DJ, respect, you truly are a legend!

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not that hermance impersonator again! get your own style for goodness sake! everytime i see you in videos, i mistook you for him.... until your riding style/ power didnt match the original hermance made me notice.

top video though.

Porter should collect highlights of him into a vid called "Portervision"

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