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Smallest/lowest Thing You Can Tap?

Ben John-Hynes

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Never tried it to be honest, i'll give it a go whe i next ride


It must be at least 13" for stock because the middle of your wheel needs to hit the object,

So if any smaller, the wheel would miss it.

Edit:I talk rubbish.

If you hit the top of the object, rather than half way up, you can go as small as you like!

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Doesn't count unless you can lift the front wheel slightly off the ground before tapping..Curbs do not count.

I've done this many times before. And for ultimate harshness you can lift the front wheel to manual height, then swing it down to bounce it back up for a tap... though that move should probably be called a slam.

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im actually terrible at tapping low things.... i can tap 50+ inch pretty consitantly with no problem... put me on a wall thats like wheel hight and im there for ages..

need to practice them actually ... not sure what i can do haha

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One thing I have found useful when going into a big tap, is get your weight moving in the right direction, as in; Start with your arse right over the back end, then as you tap, you want to be almost stood up and jumping up to where you want to go. Get your body moving first and the bike will follow easier. Then as you tap, all that's left to do is get your arms and legs shifting to get that lift that's needed to bring the bike up to the target.

Totally. I remember when everyone started to learn taps 4-5 years ago, and TRA was basically the only person actually properly jumping at the same time as tapping. And he was getting 6" over what everyone else was doing.

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