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Who Will Mod The Mods? Obm Says: Me.


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This thread gets closed.

This one doesn't.

Mark would...

...prefer being repeatedly, brutally gang raped by several large men than have to answer another f**king question that I have previously answered earlier in this thread.

Me personally, i'd prefer to answer the question again, hell i'd answer it 100x over. Even though i aparently think being raped by men is fun, I try and get raped as often as possible because I like it very much so.

My original post which was editted over was funnier than some gay reference that's there now anyway. Usually Mark's quite funny but he must have been too tired or watching gay porn to think up something more original. Becuase lets face it there's a lot of gay-rape ideas in his head tonight.

This is a public forum. Should a topic be closed because one person doesn't like the topic, or it's content providing it's not braking the rules? Ignoring the swearing and sexul nature of content posted by the mod who closed it. Young kids read this forum don't they?

So lets tally up the points acording to the guildlines.

1. Flaming Minimum Penalty - 1 Warning Point

While debating and discussion is fine, we will not tolerate rudeness, insulting posts, personal attacks or purposeless inflammatory posts.

4. Racism Minimum Penalty - 2 Warning Points

Trials-Forum is open to people from any race, gender, physical or mental condition, sexual preference/orientation, IQ, age or religion, and as such intolerance of other people's beliefs, culture, IQ, gender, physical or mental conditions, sexual preference/orientation or age is unacceptable.

6. Adult Content Minimum Penalty - 1 Warning Point

= 4 points minium. That's verging on a lifetime ban.

OBM, 4 Day suspention? Doubt it.

Davetrials has got de-moted and suspended for a lot less.

So i'll post this and see if it gets cencered / closed, i know Mark won't close it becuase he'll be prooving me right by doing so, but it'd be nice to see it here and peoples opinions in the morning.


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JT: Bulmers in the UK and Magners in the UK are the same.

Everyone else: No they aren't.

JT: Yes they are, look at this link that proves that Magners in the UK and Bulmers in Ireland are the same.

Everyone else: Yes, those two are.

JT: So Bulmers in the UK is too.

Everyone else: No, they are made by different companies, they taste different and are different, here are some relevant links.

JT: So Magners in the UK and Bulmers in the UK are the same?

Everyone else: No, they are different.

JT: But I don't think they are.

Everyone else: They are different.

JT: But they can't be different by much.

Everyone else: They are different.

JT: But they can't be.

Everyone else: Yes, they can.

And repeat.

That is why that thread got closed, because apparently understanding a simple idea like two drinks made by different companies might taste different was a stretch too far for you.

If you look at the guidelines you agreed to when you joined the forum, you agreed mods could edit your posts. To recap: Unlucky.

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