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How To Get Bolt Out Of My Frame..?


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hi there,

I have a problem, I have the back top right 4 bolt mount bolt is stuck in, i tryed it loosen the bolt and unfortunatly the bolt snapped and a bit is still stuck in the frame with about 5mm sticking out of it. This happened to me on my old czar frame and i would like to get it out due to i am wanting to build up a second bike with it.

I already tryed to heat up the bolt and saw a line in the bolt and then tryed to turn the bolt using a screw driver but it would'nt budge.

If anyone has any suggestions for how to get the bolt out all suggestions would be greatfully appresated.

Many thanks

Craig :)

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hi guys,

thanks for all your idea's i did'nt expect so many people to reply i did'nt even think there would be one person that would repy because did'nt think it was a coman thing to happen but it appears that it is, I will try all of them when i get home starting with the screwdriver tip since i have started it

But thanks so much for all the comments people (Y)

Craig :)(Y)

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A couple of ways;

-Scredriver (as suggested)

-Blow torch to expand the metal then un screw out (combination of the above)

-Drill out like 2 mm smaller than it and take the rest of the metal out

-Drill it out to same size, Tap then helicoil!


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Drill a small hole down the middle of the bolt, then bash an allen key in, then turn and that might work. Or take the frame down to mine next weekend and I'll do it for you.

Yes scott i may do that but when i get back from my dad's i am trying the hot water trick first if that doesnt work i will bring it in with me on saturday (Y) and you can have a look at it for me (Y).

Thanks Craig :)

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weld another bolt onto the bit that is hanging out. then you can unscrew the bolt that you have welded to it and the one that is stuck in should come out. try not to weld it to the frame though for obvious reasons lol

hope that helped

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Betting its a stainless bolt and you didnt use any antisieze on it? :)

If it is stainless then you will have a right game to drill it unless youre set up properly (pillar drill and some very sharp, tipped drills). The reason its seized is because the threads have galled and picked up on the aluminium, effectively cold welding the 2 together (happens even easier with ti bolts) - a tiny smear of copperslip will stop it happening.

My method of attack would be mole grips bollocked up tight onto it and very gently heat the aluminium with a blow torch, you need to heat the frame up quicker than the screw so try not to use the heat for a long period at a time; if necessary let it all cool down and try again. Gently apply pressure to the screw (anticlockwise ;) ) whilst heating it.

If that doesnt work then I would take it to a local engineers and ask them nicely to drill it out and/or helicoil it :)

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