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Dob 20''


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hi all

i have just got a DOB 20'' frame and some echo drilled rims on echo disc hubs.

this is all i have so far but im after some bits for it to finish it off



crank with free wheel


head set

disc brakes front and rear

bottom bracket

red rim tape

open to ideas but im goin with the black and white theme but not fussed if i dont stick with it.

so if anyone has ideas on what to get etc etc, then fire away!!

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Disc Brakes are easy.

Hope Mono Trials, last word man, nothing even comes close.

The avid BB7 could work too but their a bit of a pain.

For cranks ive had great luck with my ZOO! arms and alot of people like the echo forged ones.

Tensile also makes verynice cranks but they have a hugher price point.

For a headset, Chris King would be nice but a pig dh or canecreek would be just fine.

For a freewheel, the try all ones are nice and so are the white industries.

For a stem and bar its hard without knowing the geo and your style cuz its a really personal choice, but if you look on tartybikes in the stem section there is a little guide to help you, if you cant decide email adam and hell help you, hes helped me and we dont even live on the same continent.

Fork a for, if you want somin like mega strong then the GU or the Echo Urbans are nice, if u want somin a little lighter, then the Koxx or Echo lite fork is probably the best.

Hope this helps,



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Hi there,

Well i have a magura louise disk 180mm if you are intrested in it i am looking for around £35-£40

If you are intrested write back on this topic

Craig :)

Be careful, if this is seen i am pretty sure the topic would be locked. Your best bet is probably to get an e-mail address and do it that way!

I dont really have any other advice, what has been given by Spartan sounds pretty much what i would have thought.

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DOB 20'' frame and echo drilled rims on echo disc hubs.

stem - Monty although I beleive these frames are quite short so something higher and longer might be needed.

bars - Monty

crank with free wheel - Tryall cranks with Monty freewheel

forks - Echo urbans or DOB magnesium

head set - Cane Creek C2

disc brakes front and rear - Hope Mono Trials 185 rotors

bottom bracket - Trialtech ISIS

red rim tape - Tryall


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