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My New T Pro.


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I have just got my 06 T-pro.

I'm really happy with it just need to get the bb sorted properly.

Right heres a basic spec, and ill try put a picture on at some point.

Magura HS33 raceline front, and brand new rear.

Stock onza bars, wheels and stem.

Onza muscle man crank.

Onza tyres fron 06. (Getting creepy crawlers.)

DDG light yellow pedals.

Some really wierd blue grips that im also changing.

I hope this is to some of your tastes, i think its going to serve me well as a start bike, probably going to get some fluro pink wheels at some point.

Any points people make are welcomed :).

Thanks Davey.

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Sorry, when i said stock i ment standard and it is far from complately standard, it has all round maggies and new pedals/ grips.

When telling me stuff please note i am new to trials lol also i am gonna do this up everntually once i catch the trials bug,

planning on,

New echo stem and either echo or try all yourself bars.

I think try all rims with white spokes and a new front disk hub.

DMR V8 or gusset slim jim pedals.

Maxxis creepy crawlers.

I also need some new grips any suggestions ?

If i've missed any parts you think i need changing for now please tell me i am new and everything.

Thanks Davey.

Also while i'm thinking about it. I'm currently runing a HS33 raceline stripped back to the metal, Would an avid bb5 on the front wheel be better than this or should i stick with the maggie?

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