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Either cut the forks abit to a decent length(bear in mind to knock the star nut down abit so you don't cut through/below it) or run a few more stackers to take up the extra room. You could do a combination of both, cut forks a little and shove a few stackers in. Don't forget though, if you do cut the steerer tube down, don't cut it to short as when you get a new frame, if the head tube is longer the forks won't go all the way through or won't stick out enough at the top.

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Put forks into frame

Put on all of ur spacers but one and your stem without the top bolt, as you would normally.

draw a line on the steerer tube with a dry wipe felt tip,

remove stem and spacers, cut on the dry wipe mark.

Put bars back on WITH the spacer u left off and u have a good length steerer tube with the correct space at the top of tube between stem.

Hope that helps learnt that from a man that runs a bike shop.

The reason for removing one spacer to start with is to make sure you have the correct space between steerer tube and stem, if the gap is less than 5mm you will get seriosu wobble in the fornt end which could end up with some nasty damage to your headset, or worse snapping your frame.

Good luck.


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Never thought about the spacer trick. It's a clever idea. It leaves you the room(1/4") you need to fit your top cap.

The rule is the longer you keep your steer tube the easier it is to resell or fit on another frame with longer head tube(as previous fellow pointed out).

A lot of people(including me) are stucked with forks cutted too short.

I'd say never shorter than 7.50". They fit 120mm head tubes which are common. I'd go longer than that with more spacers.

I have two 5/8" spacers on mine. So 1 1/4" total.

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