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It does say "Im A Tard" under your T-F name, maybe thats the problem :P :P . Maybe your just not paying enough attention while riding along, I no I don't which has resulted in me biking into a few things in my time, Mainly lamp posts and telephone boxes :P

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Whem im riding my bike around i keep falling off,

But when im riding it in a line or a tap ect. Im good and never fall of its stupid and i wanna know why its doing this.


Probably because your not as focused when casually riding around, as opposed to trying to successfully nail a technical line or move. its not uncommon for people to lose focus on doing something that is piss easy :P , as opposed to doing something that is harder and requires your absolute attention :mellow:

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I don't understand people saying its because your not concentrating.... you dont have to... its just something your body does naturally analysising the thousands of hazards you face.... peh maybe you a bit spesh.

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