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Had this bike for a while now and I've got to say that its the best bike I've ever ridden.

Finally finished so thought I'd post it up here for you lot to have a look. :)







front (rhyno lite on pro2)

rear (kris holm on pro 2)

urban forks

Tryall stem with spank bars

bb7 up front

middle burns

revel pedals

kmc chain

vee on the rear

also trying to run another gear on the back making getting places easier without having to play around with a set of gears + deralleur etc.

but the problem is that the chain seems to ride up the cog (12t - gusset bachelor)

whenever i start pedaling, any ideas what the problem could be?

only thing i can see being a possible problem is it's a 5/64 sprocket, have any of you had this problem with this cog before?

any ideas how to fix it?

Alex :)

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They seem very promising at the moment, but they've only just been fitted so couldn't give you a definite

answer yet. Even though they've not worn in they haven't slipped on me at all.

I could definitely see a grind working well with these but i enjoy the modulation on a smooth

rim and the pads suit this perfectly!

They're also completely silent at the moment which makes a difference

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