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Onza T-bird Bottom Bracket


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i was looking to upgrade the bottom bracket on my 08 t-bird.

what is the best one to go for that will fit and not cost me too much.

oh ye and the bit that the pedal arms connects to is square. lol dont really know what it is called

thanks for any replies


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is there any need to upgrade your bb??

if its broken or creaky etc the by all means go ahead

but id suggest that you uprade something that you will benefit more from like your freewheel, bars and stem etc. these would be a better idea for you.

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ye thats just the thing it creaks and clicks whenever i go over any sand or dry mud.

cant think for the life of me why and it only stops when i ride it for a while (it slowly wares off) so i thought that the best way would be just to buy a new one. then there is no way that the problem could persist.


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