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Skeggy Ride

Daniel C

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jus tryin to organise a skeggy ride with the good weather its an the 1st of june givving people time to sort things out.

we will be meeting in the carpark next to the lifeboat station at 11:00???

up for it leave a comment and ill put your name down on the list

cheers chapy

so far

trials chapy



Sir Koxxy

Neil T(skeg lad)


Karl Butcher


John Banks




Maybe Lozz

Ryan Barnes- if crossova arrives

Maybe Jason Lincolnsire Trials

Maybe Pink King

John (skeg lad)


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Maybe organise one for a weekend and not on a monday when most people are working!

its not a monday its a sunday

You would do it on the day me and luke carnt come

Ah well

Nick x

y cant u and luke come?

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:o Mr Donovan is going?!

i might have to come now ;)

you still got that lever for Kev?

lever for kev????

John is not sure if he is coming , i dont wana go on my own :(

come on mike there is some things in life you jus have to do on your own and this is one of them lol so get your arse to skegness next sunday lol

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I should be able to get there but I'm out sat night so it depends on the state of my hangover! If it's bad I'll be there in the afternoon lol

you paying for petrol or kfc Karl :P both preferably!

Pat, if you do still have the fp lever could you dig it out for me?


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